A Missive to the Emerald Eye

An agent of the Captains recently acquired (by what means we did not ask) a curious fragment, evidently of antique origin, describing the nature of humanity and the soul and hinting at the inner mysteries of the Death-Goddess Desheng. It appears to be part of a commentary rather than a religious tract, but it may offer additional insights into the activities of the death-cults which we believe to be pervasive in Selurea and a threat second only to the Symbracites.

Dravanean patriarchalism aside, the tone of the document is neutral and it was written, we think, by a non-believer. It is also both cryptic and incomplete, and may or may not reflect current thinking in Arál Draván, center of the Death-Goddess’ worship, and further may have no bearing upon the activities of the cults we seek to eradicate. We have had researchers engaged in going over the archives and annals from the Necromancer’s War and nothing has surfaced until now that suggests disagreement between mainstream Desheng-worship, the beliefs and practices of the Necromancer’s followers, and the known tenets and activities of the death-cults. This may provide a valuable insight; if the Council determines that further investigation is warranted, an individual is in place in Arál Draván who is friendly to our merchants and could be of use. Bear in mind the distances involved and the time required to forward any pertinent discoveries to us.

A translated copy of the fragment is enclosed. Certain terms for which no Selurean equivalent suggested themselves have been left untranslated. The “Annataru” mentioned are believed to be a now-extinct Surathan civilization; we are still looking into that.


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